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    Student Projects

  • what we do

    We strive to provide state-of-the-art curriculum, training, and activities

    to schools that embrace innovation in education

    Access to Premium Local Resources

    We connect students to charities, public service organizations, and local communities so that they can gain an in-depth understanding of Chinese society and help address local challenges

    Experiential, Project-Based Learning

    Our projects all follow the learning-by-doing principle; we design activities that are fun, challenging, and beyond the context of a traditional classroom

    Teacher Training

    If you want your school's teachers to run such programs, our teacher training and ongoing support will help them do so

    Meeting Curriculum Standard

    If your school follows the IB program, many of our programs fulfill the requirements of CAS activities

  • Our programs

    Civic leadership program

    Semester-Long Curriculum

    Our Civic Leadership Program cultivates students' leadership potential and civic engagement via completing their own social innovation projects.

    Customized Program

    Flexible Duration

    We provide tailor-made programs customized to meet the unique needs of each school. We offer different forms of leadership training, project-based learning, service activities, and extra-curricular activities.

    Service learning program

    Weekend Activities

    In-depth service programs co-hosted with NGOs, in which students develop a deeper understanding of a social issue and create solutions to the NGOs' pressing challenges


    Semester-Long Curriculum, 1 Session per Week


    By the end of the course, every student should have:

    • Civic awareness: "I want to promote change"
    • Execution skills: "I can contribute to change"
    • Entrepreneurial spirit: "I want to innovate"
    • Temperament of a leader: "I can lead myself and others"


    Design Thinking: The course is based on the innovative thinking tool "Design Thinking", which is used internationally to foster creativity.


    Experiential & Project-Based Learning: Student teams will initiate and implement social innovation projects, going from zero experience to full execution of their projects over the course of the curriculum.


    Flipped Classroom: Students learn from a 3-step model that fully leverages their autonomy

    • Step 1: Online coursework
    • Step 2: Real-life execution
    • Step 3: Problem shooting with coaches


    One Education provides the curriculum, manuals, teacher training, and teacher aids.


    Teacher training includes:

    • Introduction to curriculum: covering educational theory, content, supporting materials (lesson plan, online courses, classroom activities) and case studies
    • Introduction to pedagogical methods: covering methods used in a project-based learning classroom and case studies
    • Ongoing support and problem shooting

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  • Customized programS showcase

    We provide tailor-made programs customized to meet the unique needs of each school.

    School needs: “a week-long program where our students can develop in-depth insights into societal problems and serve the community.”

    An International School

    Our solution: Students learned to address a social issue through completing primary and secondary research, visiting constituents and relevant NGOs, designing solutions to particular problems, and implementing the solutions. Each grade focused on a particular social issue (including aging population, cultural preservation, migrant worker children education, and water conservation).

    One Education provided the curriculum, teacher training, and on-site guidance.

    School needs: “a curriculum that drives students to put the concept of leadership into practice.”

    An International School

    Our solution: A one-semester course designed to cover the theory and practice of leadership, culminating in the completion of the students' leadership projects.

    The course was facilitated by the school's teachers, with One Education providing the lesson plans, classroom materials, teacher's manuals, student handbooks, and teacher training.

    School needS: "equip our teachers with knowledge on project-based learning so that they are capable of designing such courses in the future."

    A Public School

    Our solution: A series of workshops and ride-along training that took place through three phases which fostered teachers' understanding on the theory, background, process, pedagogical methods, implementation and case studies of project-based learning.

    School needs: "How can we use the weekends to effectively increase our students’ interest in public issues and develop our students’ empathy skills?"

    A Private School

    Our solution: A one-semester weekend program, in which students paid weekly visits to a selection of public service agencies in order to better understand the agencies and the public issues they address. Ultimately, the students organized fundraising activities for the various agencies.

    school needS: "Can you provide a one-day course so that new students can get to know one another, explore their leadership potential, and build their confidence?"

    A Public School

    Our solution: An 8-hour leadership training program, in which the students engaged in multiple team exercises and bonded with their peers.

  • Partner schools

    • Saint Paul American School Beijing
    • Pakistan Embassy School Beijing
    • High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China
    • Beijing No.4 High School
    • Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University
    • Tsinghua High School
    • Peking University High School
    • Sanfan Middle School Chaoyang Branch Beijing
    • High School Affiliated to Renmin University Chaoyang Branch
    • Beijing Huiwen Middle School
    • Beijing Fengtai No.2 High School
    • Beijing Hongzhi Middle School
    • Beijing New Talent Academy
    • Beijing No.55 High School
    • Beijing No.8 Middle School
    • Beijing Royal School
    • Peking University High School Shijingshan School
    • Shanghai Ganquan Middle School
    • Shanghai Sanhao Middle School
    • Shanghai Xinhuangpu Experimental School
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    “The professional and systematic curriculum

    provided by One Education

    has enabled our school to transform

    education philosophy into concrete actions.”


    Our student

    “I used to think: 'How could I possibly make a difference?' But now I know to never say something is impossible; I now believe that one person can make a difference."

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